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Types of cooling

Direct cooling – When the remote radiator is cooling the engine or gen set direct cooling the HT and LT within 3-4 metres away from the engine, with the engine driven pump circulation the water/glycol around the engine and radiator.

cooling systems

Indirect cooling- Where there is a single or two circuit plate heat exchanger introduced due to the dry cooler being remote from the engine ie on a building roof. The plate heat exchanger would act as a pressure break due to a maximum static vertical head of the engine crank exceeding a maximum length from the engine to the radiator. There would be a pump introduced into the close loop circuit of the radiator and plate heat exchanger, and the engine pump would work independently to supply flow to the plate heat exchanger which would cool the engine and the dry cooler would cool the plate heat exchanger.

Typical instillation

This would be a typical remote radiator instillation where the dry coolers are on the roof of a building cooling the engine gen sets in the lower part of the building or basement. IPC can get involved with pipe work instillation, framework, walkways, lift and shift with crane hire, silencer supply and instillation and project manage large power plants typically 10 to 100MW.

remote radiator cooling for power station

Engine cooling plays a big part in a large multi instillation power plant and it needs to be engineered for the best possible solution. That’s where IPC can turn on their experience to achieve the best possible solution for each individual project. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for projects you might need our help on tendering This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.