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Enalco Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger



Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers are the most effective means for industrial energy users to achieve savings. An Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger transferring heat generated by hot exhaust gases to the heating system easily realizes a 20% energy saving. This saving is further improved by installing an exhaust gas condenser: reducing your energy bill by 30%. A properly functioning Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger or Condenser is therefore of decisive importance for the effectiveness of the CHP Installation. And Enalco applies the same high standards that you apply as supplier or installation firm. In close consultation with installation firm and end consumer, we determine the best possible solution on the basis of all specifications. After all, every exchanger imposes different requirements. Reliable advice to realize the optimum solution is standard at Enalco. As Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers and Condensers specialist, we know that working with the client in the preliminary phases always returns great value: in the high quality of the ultimate solution. The latest calculation models contribute to optimum thermal design satisfying every requirement.


Energy Saving Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers - Equipment for Diesel / Gas Engines / Gas Turbines for Power Plant CHP Applications. Exhaust gas Heat exchangers, Combined Heat and Power exhaust gas heat exchangers to recover waste. Exhaust Silencers, Exhaust Chimneys, 3 way valves, bursting discs.

IPC are business partners with a number of Internationally renowned Radiator, Air Cooler and Heat exchanger manufacturers in Europe, offering a complete product range with alternative design and construction solutions for the Power Generation and Process markets. In addition and complimentary to this IPC are pleased to offer equipment from Enalco who are experts in the energy saving business. Of specific interest to our customers in the Power Generation markets and in particular those interested in heat recovery from Diesel and Gas Engines will be the Enalco heat exchanger range for Combined Heat and Power exhaust gas heat exchangers to recover waste heat from engine exhaust gases. With higher energy prices and increasing pressure on the environment (greenhouse effect), energy recovery is becoming more and more attractive, particularly in Scandinavia and Europe. Enalco designs and builds coolers and condensers of the highest quality.

Enalco quality:

All Enalco products are of the highest quality. Five strong points in favour of Enalco flue gas coolers and condensers are:

They are guaranteed corrosion-resistant.
Exceptionally reliable. · Made from first class materials.
Maintenance free.
Easy to check for cleaning.
Coolers and condensers go on working trouble free for years and years.


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