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Enalco Bypass Valves



An apparatus for a vehicle with an engine is provided that accomplishes exhaust heat recovery and exhaust gas recirculation with a common heat exchanger used for both purposes. The apparatus includes an exhaust system through which exhaust gas is discharged from the engine. A heat exchanger is positioned within the exhaust system. Coolant flow passages are provided in thermal communication with the engine and with the heat exchanger. A bypass valve is operable in a first position to direct the exhaust gas through the heat exchanger to transfer heat to the coolant flow passages in a coolant heating mode, and operable in a second position in which the exhaust gas bypasses the heat exchanger in a bypass mode during which no significant coolant heating occurs via the heat exchanger. A portion of the exhaust gas is recirculated to the engine after cooling via the heat exchanger.


Energy Saving Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers - Equipment for Diesel / Gas Engines / Gas Turbines for Power Plant CHP Applications. Exhaust gas Heat exchangers, Combined Heat and Power exhaust gas heat exchangers to recover waste. Exhaust Silencers, Exhaust Chimneys, 3 way valves, bursting discs.

IPC are business partners with a number of Internationally renowned Radiator, Air Cooler and Heat exchanger manufacturers in Europe, offering a complete product range with alternative design and construction solutions for the Power Generation and Process markets. In addition and complimentary to this IPC are pleased to offer equipment from Enalco who are experts in the energy saving business. Of specific interest to our customers in the Power Generation markets and in particular those interested in heat recovery from Diesel and Gas Engines will be the Enalco heat exchanger range for Combined Heat and Power exhaust gas heat exchangers to recover waste heat from engine exhaust gases. With higher energy prices and increasing pressure on the environment (greenhouse effect), energy recovery is becoming more and more attractive, particularly in Scandinavia and Europe. Enalco designs and builds coolers and condensers of the highest quality.

Enalco quality:

All Enalco products are of the highest quality. Five strong points in favour of Enalco flue gas coolers and condensers are:

They are guaranteed corrosion-resistant.
Exceptionally reliable. · Made from first class materials.
Maintenance free.
Easy to check for cleaning.
Coolers and condensers go on working trouble free for years and years.


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