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Alfa Blue Power BDP Radiator Dry Air Cooler



Industrial air-cooled radiators. Available for both vertical and horizontal air flow design. Suitable for the cooling of various process liquids. Capacities 1,180 up to 4,940 kW.BDP air-cooled radiators can be used to cool water or other fluids in various industrial applications: diesel/gas engines in power plants, gas turbine cooling systems, direct process cooling and indirect cooling (using an intermediate plate heat exchanger) of process liquids (hydraulic oil, air compressors etc). - Suitable for all liquids that do not corrode copper - Capacities up to 4.5 MW (water, T air=35ºC; T fluid in/out=80/60ºC)

Alfa Laval

Applications would include Power stations, Water treatment plants, Hospitals. Dry coolers, Industrial Radiators, Containerised radiators, V coil radiators, Motors, Fans, Radiators for gas Engines, Radiators for Diesel Engines, Compact Industrial Radiators, Remote Radiators.

Compact Industrial Radiators for Diesel and Gas Engines for Power Plants from 100 Kw to 100Mw plus - Compressor, Furnace and General Engineering closed circuit cooling applications.

IPC business partner for compact radiators is Alfa Laval of Finland. Alfa Laval are suppliers to the Worlds major Diesel and Gas Engine manufacturers such as Wärtsilä NSD, MAN B&W, Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz, Jenbacher, and other Diesel and Power companies throughout Europe for Radiators for Power Generation equipment, with manufacturing plant in Finland and services globally, have a turnover in excess of 35 million Euro and 150 employees. Their foundation in 1956 has seen them invest extensively in R & D and is accredited with ISO9001 Quality Certification. With a long history in supplying heavy industrial Air coolers / Radiators for Diesel applications from 100 kW to 100 MW plus, Alfa Laval have many sites with equipment trouble free for over 20 years. Alfa Laval working together with IPC offer our customers with an extremely competitive, compact and low cost radiator solution for water / glycol systems. Alfa Laval's production facility of Copper / Aluminium Heat Exchangers is located 10 minutes from Helsinki airport and 30 minutes from the main harbour and includes:

Production space of some 10,000 m2.
150 employees.
Well equipped research laboratory including:
Wind tunnel.


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