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2nd March 2015

Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of plate heat exchangers. Compact in design and with high thermal efficiency, Alfa Laval’s plate heat exchangers are renowned for durability, reliability, skill in performance, and build quality - an excellent choice if you want an exchanger that will serve you well in the long term. Associated with quality and longevity, the Alfa Laval heat exchangers won’t let you down, and are engineered in such a way as to guarantee a long service life.

Plate heat exchangers are used across different industries for efficient heating, cooling, heat recovery, condensation, and evaporation, providing effective heat transfer in application. The heat exchanger has to be able to operate efficiently in tough heat-exchange environments and ensure effective heat transfer at all times.

Are you looking to find Alfa Laval heat exchangers for use in your application? Look to IPC. We supply Alfa Laval brazed heat exchangers for applications such as process fluid, oil, fruit juice, hydraulic oil, glycol, beer, and many more. Associated with some of Europe’s finest heat exchanger and air cooler manufacturers, including Alfa Laval, we can supply what you need in the way of heat exchangers. Our flexibility and customer-focused approach enables us to provide our customers with what they need. The heat exchangers we have on offer are engineered to offer high performance in any application.

16th February 2015

There are many industries which still rely on mains water supplies to meet all their cooling requirements. This has, however, become an expensive and somewhat unreliable way of cooling equipment, and for most industries it’s best to be independent from disruptions to mains supplies.

Dry air coolers provide a cost effective way of cooling water as part of an industrial cooling system. After the initial outlay, the cost of running and maintaining dry air coolers is minimal, and they can be left to run all year round. Applications for dry air coolers and air blast coolers can be found anywhere a process requires cool clean water such as hydraulic cooling and induction furnaces.

If you’re looking to purchase industrial air coolers with complete capability then the expert sales team at IPC can help you find what you need for your application. The team at IPC design and manufacture a range of industrial cooling apparatus which work, as air conditioners, to maintain the appropriate system temperature. Associated with some of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial cooling products, IPC can customise what we offer to meet your specific requirements.

19th January 2015

Using metal plates to transfer heat between two separate fluids, industrial plate heat exchangers are used throughout the industry for efficient heating, cooling, heat recovery, condensation, and evaporation, providing effective heat transfer in application. Plate heat exchangers should be designed to deliver effective performance in tough heat-exchange environments. Industrial plate heat exchangers should provide reliable heat transfer, offer long life and require a limited degree of maintenance and repair.

Where to find industrial plate heat exchangers online? The plate heat exchangers we have on sale here at IPC are engineered to offer high performance in application and for easy inspection. IPC has a range of plate heat exchangers and Brazed on offer that cater to different applications, including Process, Power and CHP, Food and beverage. We also operate a service program where we can repair and/or recondition your heat exchangers, fixing new gaskets and seals, if required. We can also offer cleaning in place which is like a power flush and or chemical dip removing all the old gasket material.

This maintenance service allows the plate heat exchangers to fulfil their potential and work to optimum performance while guaranteeing long life. The industrial plate heat exchangers we supply are tried and tested to ensure high performance value in application. We offer quality, bespoke solutions to fit your specific requirements.