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30th March 2015

Industrial cooling systems maintain the temperature required for machinery to perform at its optimal capacity. The best cooling solutions will increase efficiency, reduce lifecycle operating costs, and aid productivity. What more could you want from an industrial cooling system?

Cooling systems need to be able to operate at their peak even in tough and sometimes stressful environments in order to ensure reliable operation of the system. It must be adequately cool, and it must remain cool at all times.

IPC supplies a range of cooling equipment for use in different industrial applications. Even under harsh operating conditions, our high quality coolers guarantee energy savings and increased operational efficiency. Our range includes fuel oil coolers, industrial fans and radiator dry air coolers, and we can tailor what we offer to meet your specific application requirements.

Involved in the design, manufacturing, marketing and sale of industrial cooling systems, we have strong associations with some of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial cooling products, making us a good choice of supplier if you want products that deliver efficient cooling for industrial applications. Whatever your industrial cooling system requirements, we can find the right solution for you.

9th March 2015

Industrial air-cooled radiators are suitable for the cooling of various different process liquids in industrial applications. Such applications would include power stations, hospitals and water treatment plants. Air-cooled radiators can be used to cool water as well as other fluids to ensure the system doesn’t overheat and continues to function properly.

You can purchase customised radiators through IPC. We offer a select range, all manufactured by Alfa Laval, which includes a variety of radiator dry air coolers as well as plate heat exchangers. IPC’s business partner for compact radiators is Alfa Laval. Alfa Laval is a leading manufacturer of customised air-cooled radiators, such as the Alfa V VDD radiator, as well as heat exchangers. With Alfa Laval, you can guarantee quality, reliability and long service life, so when you purchase customised radiators from IPC you can rest assured the component will work well in application.

IPC is a leading light in the industry when it comes to the quality of our customised cooling solutions. With a clear focus on customer needs, we’re more than flexible in being able to supply the right cooling solution for you.

2nd March 2015

Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of plate heat exchangers. Compact in design and with high thermal efficiency, Alfa Laval’s plate heat exchangers are renowned for durability, reliability, skill in performance, and build quality - an excellent choice if you want an exchanger that will serve you well in the long term. Associated with quality and longevity, the Alfa Laval heat exchangers won’t let you down, and are engineered in such a way as to guarantee a long service life.

Plate heat exchangers are used across different industries for efficient heating, cooling, heat recovery, condensation, and evaporation, providing effective heat transfer in application. The heat exchanger has to be able to operate efficiently in tough heat-exchange environments and ensure effective heat transfer at all times.

Are you looking to find Alfa Laval heat exchangers for use in your application? Look to IPC. We supply Alfa Laval brazed heat exchangers for applications such as process fluid, oil, fruit juice, hydraulic oil, glycol, beer, and many more. Associated with some of Europe’s finest heat exchanger and air cooler manufacturers, including Alfa Laval, we can supply what you need in the way of heat exchangers. Our flexibility and customer-focused approach enables us to provide our customers with what they need. The heat exchangers we have on offer are engineered to offer high performance in any application.