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6th June 2014

Industrial Power Cooling understands the importance of high quality, reliable and robust equipment. With many years industry expertise they are focused on the needs of the client – from concept of a project right through to outstanding after care and support post installation.

IPC supply a full range of products for the power generations and energy market, electrical machines and generator market specialists and process, petrochemical and oil & gas industries. If you need pressure vessel storage tanks, including all bespoke and ASME Registered Pressure Vessels, IPC have the expertise and manufacturing capabilities to supply your specific needs. Pressure Vessel Storage Tanks can be fabricated in any type of metal from stainless steel to copper dependent upon your requirements and can be used with heat exchangers in CHP and Biogas. Health, safety and quality assurance is a priority for our clients and as such all pressure vessels are manufactured to ISO standards and covered by a full guarantee

Ideal for:

  • Glycol/Water coolant for the power market
  • Milk storage
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemical storage

Whatever you need, simply contact Industrial Power Cooling to discuss your needs and they will work with you to provide industrial solutions to the very highest standards.
For more information on the company, products and how IPC can help you please visit their website and contact them today!

6th June 2014

Most standby diesel and gas generator sets are equipped with radiators to regulate temperature. However, there are times when it is better to use a remote cooling system for temperature control. In urban installations where the generator set is in a basement or on the ground floor of a building, it is often impractical to use a large air inlet on one side of the building and a large air exhaust on the other side. Implementing a remote radiator behind the building can be a much better option, because all the cooling noise is on one side of the building and most of the mechanical noise from the engine can be contained inside the power room.

Just because there is no radiator in the power room, it doesn’t mean that the room can be completely sealed. Not only does the engine need combustion air, but both the engine and the generator need a constant source of cool air to keep from overheating. Approximately seven percent…

27th May 2014

Industrial Power Cooling - IPC – are leading industry suppliers for heat and cooling applications throughout a diverse range of sites from water treatment plants and hospitals to power stations and petrochemical sites. IPC have established a range of only the best quality products available and can offer a service to match. Not just supplier, IPC offer a complete package with repair teams available for any issues you face with ongoing maintenance of equipment. All work is carried out by highly trained technicians, is fully insured and adheres to all health and safety working procedures

The API 661 heat exchangers are advanced air cooled exchange systems. IPC work alongside Boldrocchi Company who design and manufacture a huge range of air cooled heat exchangers used throughout worldwide applications. For example, in the petroleum, chemical, gas processing, electrical, environment and steel industries. Models range from small coolers for endothermic engines, for compressors and dryers up to several banks of bundles for vapour condensation and for petrochemical processes. If you cannot find the installation required for your processes, IPC can work to design and build a bespoke product matching the needs of the client. IPC offer the complete package from concept through to design, build, installation and aftercare.

To find out where to buy heat exchanged equipment and AP1 661 and how IPC can help you please visit