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13th April 2015

Plate heat exchangers use metal plates with rubber gaskets to exchange heat between two fluids. IPC has developed a range of plate heat exchangers to offer customers. Our plate heat exchangers are customised and can be used in a number of different applications, from process, power, CHP, Oil, Gas, and pretty much any fluid or gas. The plate heat exchangers we offer will provide excellent performance to your system operations.

Brazed heat exchangers consist of thin plates with brazed gaskets. Two metal materials are put together with small channels between each plate so fluid can pass through. The other metal has a lower melting point so when the plates reach a certain temperature they fuses together to make a perfect permanent seal. The plate packs are brazed together in a certain way so heat transfer will be optimised. The result is a well-conditioned and strong plate heat exchanger capable of high heat transfer and operating effectively under pressure.

You can purchase the best quality, customised plate heat exchangers or Brazed heat exchangers from IPC. IPC also offers an installation and service program where engineers can come to the site and remove the exchanger and take them away for maintenance. This maintenance allows the plate heat exchanger to work at its optimum performance while increasing product longevity. Our bespoke service to our customers allows us to design and manufacture the product you need, ensuring it works well in application and rewards you with a long service life. As with all IPC products, you can guarantee durability and quality, and units that work efficiently in operation.