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18th August 2014

Adequate air cooling is required for generator optimum performance to keep the engine at a constant and correct temperature, whether that’s to maintain a stable temperature for CHP or process IPC, it has the industrial knowledge to size and optimise performance for the given environment.

Success and optimum productivity at factories is often determined by air temperature, altitude and flows, so the strict control of air quality and air temperature is imperative. If air temperature is not controlled as it should be, or if component machinery parts overheat, then this will have a detrimental effect on productivity and product quality.

With a range of air coolers available, at IPC we specialise in the design and manufacture of industrial power cooling apparatus, supplying dry air coolers for factories and cooling equipment across multiple industries including energy, oil and gas, petrochemical and refinery.

With our customer focused approach we can accommodate the needs of all our customers, supplying innovative products for use in any application, engineered to meet all your cooling needs. The industrial power cooling products we supply can be customised to meet even the most demanding applications, ensuring the proper control of air temperature and keeping the temperature inside and outside industrial machinery at the required level.

Whether it’s a roof mounted radiator, container mounted radiator or a specialist internal containerised radiator, IPC can manage all your expectations and come up with a specific solution.