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27th October 2014

A dry air cooler is required to keep the engine at the correct temperature to ensure optimum performance in application. Successful productivity at factories is often determined by air temperature, altitude and flows, so the correct control of fluid temperature is vital to ensure the right results. If fluid temperature is not kept at the required level for the environment then components will overheat, potentially causing damage to equipment and having a negative impact on product quality and productivity.

IPC can provide a solution for cooling gen sets in the means of VSD Variable speed drive with either master slave operating the fans in sequence to keep the dry cooler at optimum temperatures working independently from the engine gen set. IPC can also offer step control with electronic fan sequencing which is a digital input. Another option is Frequency convertor, which has its advantage of stabilising the temperature and controlling noise level reducing energy cost and parasitic load, which is important in most energy projects as normally you are selling back power to either the grid or a third party.

IPC offers CHP applications, with an integrated approach to industrial cooling installations in the power and energy fields. A range of air coolers are available, and we specialise in the design and manufacture of industrial power cooling apparatus, supplying dry air coolers for factories and cooling equipment across multiple industries including energy, oil and gas, petrochemical and refinery.

The industrial power cooling products we supply are engineered to meet all your air cooling needs. With this in place, you will be able to keep water temperature at the required level at all times.