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Power Generation & CHP Energy

Diesel & Gas Engines for Power Plants:
(IPC) can offer cooling equipment for cooling solutions for all of your requirements for Base Load, Prime and Continuous Power, Standby, Peak Lopping, Land Fill Gas and any Power Plant applications from 100 kw to 100 MW plus from our partners. Remote mounted Radiators, Plate Heat Exchangers for your cooling requirements.

Combined Heat and Power, Energy Recovery Solutions:
Industrial Power Cooling and Heating Simplified... All CHP heat recovery & cooling products from one source (IPC).
For your Engine Heat Recovery IPC Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Silencers, Chimneys & Stacks, 3-way Exhaust Gas By Pass Valves. - Plate Heat exchangers for process hot water heating & for your engine cooling Alfa Laval Radiators - Total System Capability.

Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refinery

Oil & Gas: Gas Compressors, Hydraulic Lub Systems & Glycol Packages Process and Petrochemical Pressure Vessels & Air and Water Cooled Heat Exchangers:
(IPC) can supply API661 Air Cooled Heat Exchangers to all International pressure vessel codes, from our partner Boldrocchi. Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers to Internationally recognised pressure vessel codes such as TEAM, ASME - PHE...

General Process

Cooling for your General Process, Air or Water Cooled, Furnace, Compressor. Whether you require standard products OR a Heat Exchanger or vessel to an Internationally recognised pressure vessel code (IPC) can offer a solution.

Fluid Storage Pressure vessels

Storage tanks are made to the highest standard and welded using specialist equipment and techniques. The tanks can store a vast amount of fluids from chemical process to food industry products.IPC can adhere to industry standard certificates and fluid treatment procedures. Whatever viscosity your fluid we can work together to come up with a solution.