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Fundamentals of CHP

Combined heat and power (CHP) is the generation of heat and power (electricity) at the same time but through a single process. CHP systems use up the heat that would otherwise be wasted when generating electricity. With a CHP system the aim is to save on energy costs and make improvements in terms of how environmentally friendly the process is by making use of the heat that would just be lost to the atmosphere. The systems itself is both cost efficient and environmentally sound, and any site or premises which uses electricity and heat will have the option of installing a CHP system.

Are you in search of CHP suppliers?

IPC offers CHP solutions for compact CHP applications, and can accommodate anything from 40kW to 400kW, as well as large scale CHP industrial applications from 315kW to 2MW. We can offer technical advice regarding products such as exhaust gas heat exchangers, roof-mounted radiators, dry coolers and plate heat exchangers. Our specialist teams are equipped to be able to support customers in the ongoing installation and maintenance of equipment as well as offering a full maintenance and repair service.

Industrial Power Cooling Limited

Energy is at the centre of attention as are greenhouse gasses and the effect on our environment. Constantly, new technologies are introduced to further optimise the yield of energy. In particular, the use of CHP systems is enjoying popularity in industry.

This growing popularity of CHP systems also brings an increase in demand for flue gas systems: intelligent combinations of exhaust gas heat exchanger, condenser, silencer and chimney.

As one of the leading suppliers in Europe, IPC guarantee quality. Together with their other partners (IPC) can provide all heat recovery and cooling requirements for CHP installations, for recovery of Engine Jacket Water and Radiators from Alfa Laval Vantaa Oy in Finland for Engine & Dump Cooling. For the horticultural industry IPC can also offer Catalytic converters for green house applications.

No two CHP systems are the same. The optimum integration of all components in the CHP scheme determines the output of flue gas systems. This is a speciality of IPC. As a provider of a complete range of heat recovery and cooling equipment IPC can match all the components together perfectly, exhaust gas heat exchanger, condenser, silencer and chimney together with Radiators.

The precise gearing of IPC’s activities with CHP installers and suppliers assures an optimally functioning CHP system.

Exhaust gas heat exchangers/condensers from IPCUK:

  • The key to maximum energy efficiency

Exhaust gas heat exchangers are the number one method of conserving energy for large consumers of energy. An exhaust gas heat exchanger that transfers the heat from hot exhaust gases to the heating system can save 20% on energy. The savings increase when you fit an exhaust gas condenser: your energy bill could easily come down by 30%. The function of an exhaust gas heat exchanger or condenser is therefore essential to the effectiveness of a CHP system.

In close consultation with customers, IPC will establish the best possible solution according to a customer’s specifications. After all, each exchanger has different requirements and IPC can tailor the scheme to suit your needs.

  • Silencing starts with knowledge and experience
  • Effective silencing
  • Silencers for high and low frequencies
  • Durability