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Dry Air Cooler Installation

IPC can give advice on Dry air cooler installation and site layout which is essential on larger sites with multiple radiators. IPC also have the software to size the exact height of the structures and manufacture the legs handrail and ladder assemblies. We also size the header tanks relevant to the pipe work length, size and volume of system.

dry air cooler installation
tubed heat exchanger cad drawing

We have CAD software to help with designing the right solution for the project. We believe our professional approach backed with our experience can help eliminate any problems on site with under cooling air locks and minimise the potential for hot air recirculation. On some sites we have seen bad examples of instalations where the radiators have been installed with gaps between them increasing the risk of hot air recalculating round the radiators.

(Themes Water treatment plant) Water Plant

IPC can estimate large water treatment plants as above which fall in the Power industry from instillation with hundreds of metres of pipe work and bespoke packages to basement gen set upgrades where the dry cooler ends up on a building roof. There would be no job to big or small from 100 kW to 100MW. Some of the projects we have been involved with.

  • power stations (USA)
  • Universities (Warwick University)
  • Water treatment plants (Seven Trent)
  • Remote containerised gen set applications (Russia)
  • Hospitals (Bristol royal infirmary)
  • Data centres (Swindon)

Remote radiator Industrial power station with radiator